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7+ Disc Golf Tips For Beginners To Learn Easily

disc golf tips for beginners

Disc Golf Tips For Beginners.

It’s not your typical sport. You don’t need a lot of equipment, it isn’t expensive, and you can play almost anywhere.

The game is easy to learn but difficult to master; the only thing slowing you down is your own skill level!

There are countless reasons why disc golf should be everyone’s favorite pastime.

To find out more about this exciting game, read on for some tips that will help get you started.

What is disc golf?

The sport of disc golf is much like traditional golf. Instead of balls and clubs, however, players use a flying disc.

The goal is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest possible throws.

A good player will throw the disc in an effort to cause their disc to land as close as possible to the target (a pole with chains) using an approach shot, much like you would hit a ball onto the green at traditional golf.

What makes disc golf unique is that players can travel the course in any direction they choose.

This means you do not have to follow the same path as your competition, providing your own obstacles and targets through creative shot selection.

How to play disc golf?

First you have to buy a disc. They go for 10-25 bucks, depending on how much the shop wants to profit from you.

The most common discs are under-stable high speed drivers, which makes them easy to throw and control even for beginners.

There is also a putter available in every plastic type that is used for putting based on its stability, or lack of it.

7+ Disc golf tips for beginners

After a few years of playing disc golf, I have learned some things that might help others to pick up this amazing sport. Here are 9 tips for beginner disc golfers from someone who has been there.

1. Play catch with your dog or friends! Anytime you can practice throwing discs, do it! And work on putting into an elevated basket if you have one available. This will get you comfortable with the motions and give you targets to aim at.

2. Get started by watching videos on YouTube of pros playing so you can see how they throw their discs and what different types of throws look like. This is more important than buying discs before you know what kind of player you’ll be (forehand/backhand, distance, etc.)

3. Join an online forum or Facebook group specifically for disc golfers in your area. This is a great way to find people to play with, get course recommendations and hear about any tournaments happening in your area.

4. Get a disc golf bag! This will help you keep all of your discs organized and together. It’s also nice to have a place to store water and snacks while playing.

5. When selecting discs, start with easier-to-throw models that are designed for beginners. As you improve, you can move on to more advanced discs. But don’t go out and buy a bunch of discs before you even know how to throw them

6. Learn the basic throws before trying anything fancy. This includes the backhand, forehand and side-arm throws. The roller throw is another basic skill that can be useful for short drives on open holes.

7. Keep your discs clean by giving them a quick wash with water occasionally, especially if they’ve been sitting outside in the grass for a few days. Dirt and grass can wear down the plastic on disc’s flight plate (bottom) which will cause them to fly poorly or not fly at all.

8. Have fun! Don’t get too serious about playing, or you’ll never want to go out and play again! Laugh off missed shots, bad throws and skipped discs – they’re all part of playing disc golf

9. Watch some professional disc golf tournaments on television or online. This will give you an idea of what the level of competition is like and how the best players in the world play the game.

These are 7+ disc golf tips for beginners. You can add your tip in the comment section below.

Benefits of disc golf

1) Disc Golf Is A Great Way To Get Exercise

This one is pretty obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. whether you are walking or running to your disc golf destination, the fact is you are getting some form of aerobic exercise.

Most rounds of disc golf will take about 2 hours to play, so that’s a good amount of exercise for just one day. Add in a couple days a week and you’re well on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

2) It Teaches You Patience And How To Deal With Disappointment

Disc golf can be frustrating when things don’t go your way. Not every shot will result in a successful putt. Not every comeback shot will result in a birdie (or even par).

Disc golf teaches you the value of learning how to deal with disappointment and continue with your day or round. I believe this is one of the most important benefits I have gained from playing disc golf, along with patience.

3) Disc Golf Is A Great Way To Meet New People And Socialize

There are so many ways that you can meet new people through disc golf it’s almost unbelievable.

Whether you live in an area where there are several courses or not having access to other players really doesn’t hinder the ability to meet new people at all.

The beauty about our World is that it is extremely interconnected by media these days, so finding people to connect with is easier than ever. You can join a social media group, go to a tournament or simply start up a conversation with the person next to you on the course.

Disc golf provides so many opportunities for socialization that it would be hard not to find someone you have something in common with.

4) It Teaches You How To Control Your Emotions

Disc golf is one of those sports where it’s easy to lose control of your emotions. We’ve all been there, when things just don’t seem to be going our way and we let frustration take over.

This can lead to poor decision making and really hurt our game. Learning how to control our emotions is something that can be transferred to other areas of our lives.

When we learn how to stay calm under pressure and take things one shot at a time, our success in life can increase tremendously.

5) It Teaches You How To Handle Failure

Just like I mentioned before, disc golf is a sport where failure is part of the game.

Whether it’s missing a putt you know you should have made or throwing your disc into the water hazard for the second time in a row, failure is something that we all experience.

The key is learning how to handle that failure. Disc golf teaches us that failure is just a part of the game and that it’s not the end of the world.

We need to learn how to brush off that failure and continue playing our best.


Disc golf is a fun activity for people of all ages, and it’s easy to get started.

We hope you found this blog post helpful in learning about the basics of disc golf from how to play, tips for beginners, and benefits!

If you have any other questions or want more information on anything we covered, please comment in the comment section below.

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